Cash For Silver

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Will Pay You Top Dollar. Guaranteed!

If you want to sell some old Sterling silver flatware or rarely-used serving pieces to raise much-needed cash, but don’t know which silver buyer will really pay you the most, your search has ended. Cash Silver Co.Com will pay you the very-highest percentage of your property’s actual value without disappointments, delays or broken promises. We guarantee it!
You see, we know that most silver buyers promise to pay you more, but don’t say compared to what. Your property has very-real value based upon purity and the current market price of silver. You want the highest possible percentage of this total value when you’re selling silver.

We’re on the Same Page as Our Cash for Silver Customers

Most silver buyers do not speak the same language as their sellers. They promise to pay you more, but never say whether or not it is more of the total value of the property you mail in, or merely more of some small percentage of the actual value. This practice gives rise to many unresolved complaints from people who sell precious metals on the Internet.

Cash for Silver Co pays a higher percentage of total value, not just some small percentage!

We also believe in defining our terms. This means we don’t make vague promises. Instead, we’ll tell you just what each promise means to you when it comes to selling silver.

We Make Cash for Silver Transactions Safe and Reliable

Cash for Silver makes keeps each transaction safe and dependable. We do this by pre-insuring each SECUREPAK™ mailing envelope for up to $1.000. We even prepay the postage, so sellers have zero cost. Since the price of silver is currently high, we recommend that cash for silver sellers use FedEx to safely ship larger, heavier items such as flatware, bowls and serving pieces.

Reliable silver buyers must offer superior customer service, so Cash for Silver Co. is always responsive to customer inquiries or problems. If you have questions about any part of our service or problems of any kind, contact us and you will receive a fast response.