Silver Peaks at 43.72 an Ounce: Excellent Payout Opportunites Ahead.

Los Angeles, CA –While gold and platinum are still the superstars of jewelry for sale, today, silver should not be ignored. The spot market price of gold is currently at $1,898.10/ounce and Platinum is at $1,901/ounce. Silver seems poor by comparison, at just $43.72/ounce. However, don’t be fooled by this price differential. If you have a large amount of silver, such as a flatware service for 12, it represents many, many Troy ounces that can be turned into immediate cash.

 According to Joe Montes, president, “Here is a typical example of why a seller’s silver flatware which, if that seller is like most of us, only comes out on special occasions, can represent quite a sizeable cash payday.

Now, let’s think about a seller who wishes to cash in on their silver flatware service for 12. The total weight of the individual pieces in the service is 3,800 grams, which equals 122.17 Troy Ounces. If you multiply 122.17 X $43.72/ounce, the total actual silver value of this service is $5,341.27. Now, if you assume a payout of around 70%, selling this service to Cash for Gold Co would bring a cash payout of $3,738.88. That’s a good payday from the least valuable of the precious metals when you really need the cash now.”

 Montes added, “This is just one example of one silver service and it doesn’t include any heavy serving pieces. Some may be heavier, some lighter, but all are valuable. Furthermore, many people also have other heavy pieces like an antique tea set with a tray, pitchers and bowls. As long as they are silver and not just silver plated, they’re worth a considerable sum at today’s record price. Here is the reason why RIGHT NOW is an excellent time to sell your rarely-used silver:

 The difference between the price between the high in August, 2010 and today’s close at $43.72/ounce is $25.73/ounce. Over time, the price has steadily risen, so now is a good time to bring in that much needed cash because there are no guarantees that the price will keep rising.”

Cash for Gold Co buys all kinds of silver regardless of age, condition or place of manufacture. The company pays sellers “the highest-possible percentage of actual value based upon assay and the current spot market price at that time”. Cash for Gold Co is also anxious to buy gold and platinum jewelry which will also bring a very-high cash payout at today’s high market prices.

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Price of Silver Rises to $43.00 an Ounce: Invest Wisely

Since the price of Gold has been rising on the market these days, we have seen the rise in the value of silver today as it reached the price of $43.00 an ounce.  If you have unused silver, now is the time to make sure that you invest in the Cash for Silver market wisely buy getting the right online broker.  2011 is the year and now is the time. to invest in precious metals like Silver due to the heavy weight content and the rising value of silver. Just exactly what will you do with that all of that extra cash you can receive from your silver and gold? Just read below:

 These days so many people are just trying to find ways to get extra income, but don’t feel like going through the process of having a garage sale or asking others to borrow cash.  What people should do instead is look for the unused silver that they have and make a profit off of it.  And if the family is bigger, that is even better for the market return. The more unused silver from family members means a bigger cash payout for the whole family. Is it not about time that you made and investment in yourself.  Take time to find a Cash for Silver broker who is going to pay you the highest percentage possible for maximum pay.

The returns on cash for silver have never been better and people are getting some serious cash payouts in the form of a check, just for selling their unwanted silver online. If you are not one of the thousands that are doing this, you have to ask yourself why?  Listen, we take the time to invest in so many other things, why not take the time to time an investment in yourself? Get your cash for silver today, especially in this year of 2011 the price of gold is expected to reach at least $50.00 an ounce again soon…now is the time to act and get the cash that you need.

How Cash for Silver Helps Gold Sales.

While people are getting stuck in the trap of payday loans and trying to take out second mortgages to pay for the extra things that they need; there are so many who are finding the right cash for gold online pawnbroker to help them get the money that they need without getting into more debt. Many of us out there are faced with the stress of trying to make ends meet, to pay past due or overdue bills or just need to have that extra cash on hand in the case of an unforeseen or untimely emergency.  But one thing to keep in mind is that when you add silver to your cash for gold order, in helps your gold sales even more

That means that it would range from actual broken gold pieces to scrap gold pieces and everything in between! Sometimes people even have some old gold coins that are not being used anymore; selling unused gold coins online yields high payouts due to the value of the gold coins. When you complement silver of the same type it only increases your pay out even more Once people take some simple time to do this they will see that they will have that extra cash to do the things that they want to do which may assist with cutting back on some of the stress that people are now experiencing in their personal lives.  Let’s talk about the trap of payday loans for a minute; if you have extra gold to sell it is better to get the money from this source rather than having money deducted from your bank account; you lose more money this way.  Scrap gold, broken gold, and even dental scrap can give you the cash to get out of that tight fix! Well having the extra money from the cash for gold transaction will give you that extra money that you can use to save in your bank. Thousands and Thousands of people have tried the cash for gold experience online and if you are reading this for the first time, you should as well. You may just be surprised as how it can help you cut back on your stress So ahead and add silver to your cash for gold order and watch your payout increase!

Price of Silver Holds Steady at $40.00 an ounce.

With the price of Silver still holding steady at $40.00 today, now is the time to send for your Securepak™ to get paid quickly. Getting your cash for silver is best when you request a Securepak™ to mail it in and get the extra cash that you need.

The first benefit of using a Secure Pack for selling your silver online is due to the fact that many people usually sell silver pieces that are very large and heavy in weight. If you don’t use a Secure Pak ™ then you are responsible for the cost of the shipping and the cost of its weight.  Could there be anything safer on the Cash for Silver Market; we think not! With the price of gold hitting over $1700.00 an ounce today, it marks a prime time to add silver to your order to get the most cash.

That means gathering all of your silver dinner flatware, your heavy silver plates and platters and course your heavy silver coins.  If you happen to have all three of these types of silver to sell at the same time that would even be better for you in terms of your payout.    And yes you can even sell your large quantities of silver jewelry that you are not using anymore. Yes believe it or not we have seen some large payouts when it comes to people’s unused silver jewelry.

Using the Secure Pak ™ takes the worry off your shoulder so you are certain that your items will arrive safely without harm to the online pawnbroker; you can’t have the same peace of mind when you take the initiative to go rouge and mail it on your own without any protection put in place.  Don’t forget that silver is considered the second most precious metal on earth, so when you sell it online make sure you are doing it in the safest manner possible: request your Secure Pak ™ today. Soon the price of silver will hit over $50.00 an ounce and when it does, let Cash for Silver Co. be your resource for getting the cash that you need!

Selling larger quantities of Silver: A better move for more cash.

Many people have remained on the fence about selling their silver along with their gold in the online pawnbroker market, and this may have to do with the fact that they sent in only small amounts of Silver for payment. Although selling Silver is lucrative, you have to remember that there is a big difference in value on the market between Silver and Gold; so for this reason, you have to send in larger quantities of silver if you want to see more cash for them. As of today, the price of Silver has risen to over $39.00 per ounce, the last time prices like these where seen was in the early 1970’s and the late 1980’s.

Just exactly what type of silver should you sell? Well doesn’t matter if the silver is in solid form, broken form or even in scrap form, the fact remains you can get some serious cash to help you out in these tough times. Did you know that the price of silver happens to be at over $39.00 today? This is most definitely good news to the people who are looking to get some extra cash, so just exactly what steps should you take to selling your silver?  The first and main step you should take is that you should sell the largest amount of Silver that you have for the most success for your payments

Once you have found the right online pawnbroker t is up to you to gather all of your unused silver pieces in time for the pack to arrive. If you are certain that your items are indeed silver then you should not discriminate as to what pieces you are going to sell; just sell them all! The reason for this is due to the fact that you get paid more when you send in packs large in quantity. Remember that online pawnbrokers pay you in purity and weight so please keep this in mind.

Don’t let these Silver market opportunities and get the cash for your silver that you truly need.   If you are able to follow these simple steps then you are ready to pay off your bills with the extra cash that you earn. The time is now t act fast so go and get your cash for silver today and do it in the largest quantity possible!