Silver Peaks at 43.72 an Ounce: Excellent Payout Opportunites Ahead.

Los Angeles, CA –While gold and platinum are still the superstars of jewelry for sale, today, silver should not be ignored. The spot market price of gold is currently at $1,898.10/ounce and Platinum is at $1,901/ounce. Silver seems poor by comparison, at just $43.72/ounce. However, don’t be fooled by this price differential. If you have a large amount of silver, such as a flatware service for 12, it represents many, many Troy ounces that can be turned into immediate cash.

 According to Joe Montes, president, “Here is a typical example of why a seller’s silver flatware which, if that seller is like most of us, only comes out on special occasions, can represent quite a sizeable cash payday.

Now, let’s think about a seller who wishes to cash in on their silver flatware service for 12. The total weight of the individual pieces in the service is 3,800 grams, which equals 122.17 Troy Ounces. If you multiply 122.17 X $43.72/ounce, the total actual silver value of this service is $5,341.27. Now, if you assume a payout of around 70%, selling this service to Cash for Gold Co would bring a cash payout of $3,738.88. That’s a good payday from the least valuable of the precious metals when you really need the cash now.”

 Montes added, “This is just one example of one silver service and it doesn’t include any heavy serving pieces. Some may be heavier, some lighter, but all are valuable. Furthermore, many people also have other heavy pieces like an antique tea set with a tray, pitchers and bowls. As long as they are silver and not just silver plated, they’re worth a considerable sum at today’s record price. Here is the reason why RIGHT NOW is an excellent time to sell your rarely-used silver:

 The difference between the price between the high in August, 2010 and today’s close at $43.72/ounce is $25.73/ounce. Over time, the price has steadily risen, so now is a good time to bring in that much needed cash because there are no guarantees that the price will keep rising.”

Cash for Gold Co buys all kinds of silver regardless of age, condition or place of manufacture. The company pays sellers “the highest-possible percentage of actual value based upon assay and the current spot market price at that time”. Cash for Gold Co is also anxious to buy gold and platinum jewelry which will also bring a very-high cash payout at today’s high market prices.

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The Right Broker Makes the Difference

Selling your gold online these days can go really right or really wrong these days; you have to choose the right broker the first time. Now is the time to sell your silver coins, nuggets, rings and etc. The first thing you have to do is check the cash for silver as well as cash for gold review sites to see how ranks where. Once you find the one that you comfortable with, you have to go with what you know. Here is what a majority of the online pawnbrokers are looking for.

This would also include silver or little pieces of gold that is considered broken. These are usually forms of silver such as necklaces, broaches and the like that are no longer able to be used. Most broken silver is the direct result of an accident or some type of mishap. But the fact still remains that silver is silver, no matter what form it is in. People have now become wise to the fact they can sell silver online for a fast turnaround in payment to you.

Silver Coins:  Selling silver coins has been one of the most stable forms of selling silver since the dawn of human history. This still holds true to the present days. One advantage now though is the fact that you can now conduct these transactions online now. If you have silver coins you have to take advantage of this opportunity to keep it going for your own economic growth. Silver Coins are sold all across the world in trade and business; you can too. Selling silver coins is a great way to earn the extra money that you need due to the heavy weight of the coins.

 This reason is enough to motivate you to sell your silver online now. Maybe you have read this here and you already know that you don’t have any of these types of silver or unused gold; that doesn’t matter. If you have any unused for of silver, you can sell it to an online pawnbroker for a fast turnaround on cash in your hands in days; don’t let these opportunities pass you by so get the right contacts to sell your silver and when you find the right one,  the very first time to avoid any headaches.

Silver and the Rising Value of Opportunity

What does the rising price of silver on the market mean for you? Well it can only mean one thing and that is the best payouts for you Silver that has never been seen before in history. Today’s price of silver as per Kitco today was priced at $41.51 per ounce, now is the time to act to cash in on these prices. But more than this the opportunities are rising in value to give you the most cash available to you.

. One of the first and most notable types of silver that you can sell in the cash for silver market is silver coins. Of course the rarer they are the more worth that they will have. We have personally witnessed some of the highest payouts for coins sent in by people who did not consider these coins to be of any true value.  One of the reasons why it is a good idea to sell your silver coins is due to the weight of the coins.  You have to remember that most cash for silver companies pay you according to the weight and purity o the silver you send in.

Another great type of silver that you can sell is large amounts of silver dinner flatware. Believe it or not selling this type of silver is a great way to earn extra money also due to the size and weight of the dinner flatware .999 silver will get you the pay out that you were expecting. Many people across America have silver flatware that is not being used that could be sold off to the get extra cash that they need. You can also sell your silver jewelry off, as this will also give you the high payouts that you are looking for.

 So if you were wondering what all of this means for you, it simply means that you get the best payouts possible. If you have gold to sell as well, then combine the two and get even a higher payout at that! Cash for Silver Co. is always looking out for your benefit and is always reminding you that the value of the Cash for Silver opportunity is always rising.

Cash for Silver Brokers make it easy for you

Broken and scrap silver can get you extra money in ways that you probably never ever even thought of! With the price of silver at over $40.00 an ounce, it is all too easy to get that extra money in the easiest manner possible; pick cash for silver co. But some people still choose options that won’t serve them best for their efforts. In essence you have to find a Cash for Silver Broker that will make it easy for you to sell your silver in these days.

Whether you are new or a novice to dealing with cash for silver transactions, you have to always keep in mind that selling you’re unused and in this case broken silver is always better when you sell it online.  Maybe you have some old broken silver necklaces or some broken silver earrings that you have been wondering what to do with for a long time, don’t just let them sit there, sell them for the fast cash that you deserve. So just exactly how does your broken silver keep its value? It is valuable because all silver can be broken down in its melted form and can be traded and sold all over the world, especially here in the states.  So those broken silver earrings and necklaces are still wanted by cash for silver brokers and that is what still makes them valuable. Now are you able to connect the dots and see what it is exactly you have to do? If you don’t take the time to get the money you need by selling your scrap and broken silver than just how do you plan to get the money you need to pay bills, fix the car and save something extra?

To know this information is not enough in itself; what you should do is make contact with a cash for silver online pawnbroker who can help give you actual cash value to the broken silver that you have. If you have scrap gold you can also sell that as well, as it is too valuable in the online market. Don’t lose out on making the extra cash that you deserve; remember the broken silver that you have is still valuable, treat it as such and sell it today while silver prices are still high. So say goodbye to haggling over price and payout and get top rated cash for silver payouts today!

Cash for Silver: Safer than you think!

When you want to sell your silver online you have to know that this is one of the most safest ways to go these days; it’s safer than you think. One of the most unsafe ways to sell your silver online is to go with a company that does not have any proven track record of solid stability in the cash for gold community. Now that we have entered in to this fast paced society it seems that everywhere you look the “Cash For….” sign is up; and this is not different when it comes to selling your silver. Case in point, you have to be careful about who you are sending your silver and gold off too. One of the best ways that you can find an established Cash for Silver company is by contacting your local better business bureau to see if there are any open or unresolved complaints from people who were trying to sell their silver online.

As stated above, many people do this out of frustration and not knowing how to find the right online pawnbroker; but in reality all you have to do is take the time to read some good online cash for silver review sites and they can help you in guiding your decision.  One final thing that people should never do when they do find the safe online pawnbroker is send the items in on your own without using the packing that they provide; that means you have to request a secure pack.

When you request a Secure Pack, you are requesting one of the safest packs when it comes to the Cash for Silver industry. Why? Because it is pre-insured for up to 1,000 and is double sturdy in order to hold your items safely and keeps people from peeking in.  So now is definitely the time to sell your unused silver like, silver necklaces, chains, flatware and even silver coins are good sources of extra cash. The price of silver is high and could work in your favor if you are looking for that extra cash to use to pay extra bills; Selling silver online is safe when you know who to turn to. Try cash for Silver today and you won’t be disappointed!